Hi peeps,

I’m having a swim meet on Sunday

and I just watched “Star Wars A new hope”

Today. I am swimming 50 Freestyle and

50 Backstroke Longcourse.

My guitar is getting strings

and is being repaired.

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Yo peeps.

Did I ever mention that I play piano and drums?
If not, I play drums, piano and I just started to play
guitar. I only know how to play Wheels Ahoy.
Me and my dad paid half and half and it’s a really nice
guitar. My dad wanted to play guitar with me so we went on
Kijiji and we looked at guitars and found one for me.
I paid 30$ of my H.F.D money.


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First of all, “H.F.D. means Hotel For Dogs! I run a business called the hotel for dogs. I’m taking care of 2 dogs! Their names are Loki and Ophelia. Ophelia’s nickname is Beaners.
Loki doesn’t have a nickname.
Ophelia is a mini Poodle and Loki is a golden Doodle.
Loki is 10 months and Ophelia is 6 years old.
If you need Dog Sitting in Toronto ON Then check out our site in one of my other blogs!


March Break!

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I had a great March break! I built a dog jump for my dog and she can jump over it!
speaking of dogs, click on the link to see my site called HotelforDogs.com
I’m also writing a story called The Hotel For Dogs Guide To Life!
My dog finally learned to play fetch!
She is turning 4 years old in May, and is a girl.
She is a mutt!


This AWESOME Week!

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I haven’t blogged all week so i’m blogging about my week.
I made up another song for fish food which is called “happy birthday to me I live in a tree-house”.
I’m attaching “Wheels Ahoy” from my band fish food too.check out my song, it’s awesome!
No rude words please ’cause my song is truly awesome.
stay tuned for my next song!


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Boy are those cookies good!
I’ve had 6 Whole cookies Tonight!